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Meet the ImpossiPit. More than any other regular old pit - this pit is a metaphor of a downward spiral. It represents the "downfall" of an average man who must travel through the depths in hopes to see the light once again. Our properly dressed gentleman is ready for anything, except the traps below. You must help him avoid various obstacles to ease his stressful mission.

Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine!

  • Gather enough points and fill his coffee mug. Double or even triple your points with a grande mocha latte!

  • Stay healthy, and be mindful of your surroundings!

  • ImpossiPit is filled with horrible spikes and ledges.
    • Cigarettes are bad for your health, so avoid them before you fill your lungs will smoke!

  • Wise man once said,If it ain't broke, don't fix try to fix it!

  • Your shoes are perfectly fine, you don't need new shoes because they are not as slippery as the new ones!

  • Slow down and enjoy a hand turtle.

  • As you descend, you might find a hand turtle or two; stop by and say hi to them.
    • These turtles will help you slow down and forget about the eventual demise of the properly dressed gentleman.
    • They might just be the only hand turtles you will find in any video game... ever.

  • For fans of simplisticity, challenging, and high octane game play.

    We thank you for checking us out, and hope you will enjoy ImpossiPit as much as we do. Please rate and support our ads to see more from us!

    Best regards,

    Team Lucky Red

    PLEASE NOTE! ImpossiPit is a free game! You don't have to purchase anything to play! No in-app purchases, no pay to win, no distracting cosmetics. Please play responsibly.

    Requires Android OS 2.3 and up.

    Google Play

    Install instructions

    Copy to android device and install. Requires Android OS 2.3+


    ImpossiPit.apk 19 MB

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